(Sakura Matsuri Brooklyn 2011) Photo Set #3

MONSTERS!!! Creeper from Minecraft and No Face from Spirited Away.

Enka singer…

Another Enka singer…

V.I.P… Can’t remember her name, so sorry!!!

Yea, I wouldn’t want to stand too close to her either!!!

Behold the Ancient Japanese Candy Trap!!! Grab too many and hand gets stuck!!!

Ha~ And everybody thought she wore those ear muffs just for the cuteness…

These guys really know how to party!!!

Perfect blend of colors…

The children have found you… Ruuuuun Raichu~ RUUUUUN!

Surrounded… There is no escape for these poor pokemon…

The black and white go together sooooo~ well..

This Angel looks like she’s straight out of a M.I.L.K. Music Video

“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far” — West African Proverb

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