Tell Me – SNSD

Meh..  Couldn’t get Nandub, VirtualDub, or VirtualDubMod to
properly read the container format.. AFAIK, it’s just a raw South Korean
Digital TV MPEG2 video stream but the container format that it’s sealed
in was causing problems…

Ended up using  HDTVToMpeg2 but
even that failed to re-encode to a normalized container format.. Had to
do a direct video stream copy
back into the same container and at the same time, I applied the bounds
the clip as a last resort before throwing it up on YouTube… It caused
audio sync issues when YouTube did the recompress, but the video is

No easy easy way to fix it.. VLC plays the video perfectly
but the Korean container formats are very hard to get streams out of
without wrecking keyframes… They have very different container formats
that you don’t see on this side of the globe…  Even YouTube couldn’t
do it right..  

Really need some South Korean Video
editing software or somethin’ to edit video streams in these weird
container formats… Everytime I run into files like these, it’s like.. 

Oh well, good ’nuff I suppose..  Always good
to get some Korean Music Videos up on YouTube in HD..

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