Chinese Man Tries To Auction Baby Girl On Taobao

It seems innocent enough until you realise the lot up for auction is the baby. That’s right, and bidding starts at just ¥1, with shipping included.

The man, identified in the advert as Mr Hu, explains he was prepared
to send his niece into the unknown “because we want a boy, therefore
decided to give (her) away to family of fate”.

And he doesn’t stop there, the advert comes with a whole spec like a
second hand car. We’re told the baby’s father has good health and a
college education, and that the baby’s mother has fair skin and big
eyes. The “kid’s also got the big eyes,” the ad continues, “very cute,
hope everyone will think for the child”. Sincere buyers could meet the
girl in person, it concluded.

After the issue exploded onto the Chinese webverse, Taobao located the page, removed it and shut down the man’s account.

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