Cash For Clunkers

The United States government is offering all people of the USA to trade in their old cars that use a lot of gas and are giving people discounts for a new car..  Of course, the tax payers have to pay for it anyway in the end… 

After receiving the old car, the government destroys it…   I find this very upsetting..  Maybe the only thing bad with the old car is that it uses a lot of gasoline to go a short distance, but I don’t think these cars should be destroyed.

I don’t understand why they just don’t give the cars to other countries like China that need cars…

These are good cars that they are destroying… So sad to watch…  
My car is a 1993 and is older than many of the cars in the videos below..  But I am not eligible to trade in my car because my car gets good gas efficiency and can go a long distance on very little gasoline.. 
So the cars that are being destroyed are all the cars with big engines that make the car go very fast…  Really really sad and painful to watch these videos…

The government drains all the oil and then pours a sand solution into the engine to ruin it so that the car can never be resold.


So sad to see such a powerful car die.. Probably would have worked for another 10 years..






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