One Chinese Thing I Will Never Buy

I will never buy a Chinese Car..  At 40MPH, the car crumples up like a tin can.. It doesn’t even have any airbags.. Even the 1993 Saturn SC2 that I drive now, has airbags… I am shocked any car would be made without airbags, but they are made in China..

(See video)

Wow, just so bad..   These Chinese cars are the worst cars EVER made to score so badly on a crash test…

Compare the above Chinese car to the Toyota Yaris..  Toyota Yaris isn’t a great safe car, but it is about average… It does much better than the Chinese car in the same accident.  Notice how much higher the Yaris flies off the ground during the impact.. The energy from the impact is used to lift the car off of the ground instead of destroying the front end of the car.  The car bounces off of the impact sending much of the energy away from the impact..  The Chinese car, all the energy from the impact goes into the car, crushing the front end and killing the driver.  Now, the Toyota Yaris video…


Now here is a Chinese Truck.   Chinese Trucks have no reinforced cage around the driver’s compartment.  So when it hits a barrier, the driver will be crushed and die instantly..  But the cargo the truck is carrying will be unharmed.  The "crumple zone" of the truck is the entire passenger compartment.  This is the zone where all the energy from the impact will be absorbed.  This is also the location where the driver is..  So it is a very badly designed truck..  American trucks have a crumple zones in front of and behind the driver.


Compare it to a 2009 Chevy Silverado, one of the safest trucks ever made… Again, important is that the truck bounces off and away from the impact area.  Instead of the impact energy going to crumple the front of the truck, the impact energy is used to push the truck backwards.. The truck bounces off of the impact like a basketball bounces off the ground. 


Of course, safe truck costs $40,000 USD so it is a little expensive… But I think safety is worth a lot of money.

The Chinese need to make their cars more like basketballs.. So that they bounce away from an accident!  With no airbags, riding in a Chinese car is scary. Riding in a Chinese car, you will get crushed between the car you are driving and the wall. Chinese cars are not designed well enough that they bounce away from the impact.

Hahaha, bounce little basketball car!!!! Actually, this little car does very well!!! Better than most Chinese cars…

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