Deadly Swine Flu Outbreak Hits New York City

Why does this have to happened 1 week before I go to New York City to
celebrate the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival? I cannot believe how
unlucky I am. Sometimes I feel like the whole world is against me.  I
have already paid for the train ticket and the hotel, so if I don’t go,
then I will lose about $600..  So I will probably go anyway.

The swine flu virus that has killed at least 80 people in
Mexico and infected another 1300 is from the H1N1 strain of influenza A
virus.   H refers to a protein, Hemagglutinin and N refers to the
Neuraminidase protein. 

The 20 confirmed cases of the swine flu
in the United States are in Texas, California, Ohio, Kansas and New
.  Canada has reported 4 confirmed cases of A/H1N1 influenza.  The
CDC expects the flu to spread.  Most of the U.S. cases have been mild
so far with only one reported hospitalization.

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