Jackie Chan Says..

"I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled.
If we’re not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want." – Jackie Chan
Oh, yes, that is so logical…  Chinese people need to be controlled so they can’t do what they want??? Such a great plan to live a happy life!! Don’t let people do what they want to do.. That is so funny, but maybe explains why some Chinese people I know are very cranky and unhappy people..   It’s not fair for Jackie Chan, who does whatever he wants because he is a star, to tell other people that they can’t do what they want..  
Jackie Chan has become just like a American Holywood Actor, very rich but not very smart..  When people become that rich, they forget what it means to be a normal person.. So they have no understanding of other people and they say absurd things like that..

Several massive street protests have been held to demand full democracy, but Beijing has repeatedly said Hong Kong isn’t ready for it.
If they’re not ready for it, then that means that Beijing is saying that Chinese people aren’t smart enough to choose the people who will be successful leaders. 
If they’re not smart enough to choose the people who will be the best leaders, then the education system is broken.
 If the education system is broken, then it’s the government’s fault.

"If I need to buy a TV, I’ll definitely buy a Japanese TV. A
Chinese TV might explode." – Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, if you said that 5 years ago, I would agree with you.  However, today, the TV industry is very different.  For a very long time, 20+ years, TV technology had not changed at all.  But today with HDTVs, every year, there are HDTVs made that are much better than the ones made the year before. Most Americans know this, but Jackie Chan, you do not know this??  Nobody wants to keep a TV for very long because the TV technology is improving very rapidly.  There has been a huge transition from tube televisions to LCD screens and the LCD screens have brought with them many technological problems, many of which are solved every year.  The first HDTVs had very high resolution, very high brightness, but very poor contrast.  Poor contrast means that the TV can’t display dark colors properly.  Dark colors on early LCD HDTVs looked grey.  Also, the early LCD HDTVs had a lot of problems with color smearing and poor response times..  

The truth is, most American’s don’t want to keep a HDTV for more than 5 years. Why? Because in 5 years, TV technology is so much better that they don’t want their old TVs anymore.    The most recently released HDTVs this year, use LED backlighting.  LED Backlight uses 1/4th or even 1/8th of the amount of electricity as an HDTV made 5 years ago. 

Japanese electronics, are not the best choice in an industry that evolves quickly.  Japanese electronics are very expensive, and they can last 50 or even 100 years..  That is great, but why make a TV that will last 50 years when it is only going to be used for 5 years and then thrown in the garbage?  This is why Japan is having so much trouble in the computer and TV industries, they always insist on making quality components that Americans don’t need in these industries.  (Car industry is completely different, need a good car that lasts a long time, so Japanese cars sell well)

TV technology isn’t what it was before! Jackie Chan doesn’t know this and many Japanese companies don’t understand this either.  Due to HDTVs, TV technology is evolving quickly.  Americans will not pay a lot of money for very high quality products because they don’t care if the TV explodes..  Really, Americans don’t care if the TV explodes in 4 or 5 years because they can just buy another one and the new TV will be SOOOOOoooooo much better because the technology improves so fast!

I have been looking at LCD HDTVs for a long time. So I know a lot about them. 

Maybe Jackie Chan has people that buy his TVs for him and he has not gone shopping for a TV in the past 5 years..  That would explain why he knows nothing about TVs.

There are two industries where I would not pay extra to have quality components and that is: Computers and TVs.    All my computers are loaded with Chinese parts..  Why?  Because I don’t care if they explode in 2 or 3 years!! They explode, then I have a good reason to buy a new one, and when I buy a new one, it will be much better than the old one anyway..  I might even be glad that the old one exploded because now I have a good reason to buy a new one!  

I have had Chinese products explode on me.  Both of them were Power Supplies for computers, and when they died, they went *POP* like a Chinese firecracker..  A little bit of smoke, and a little bit of capacitor electrolyte started leaking out of the power supply..  But really not that big of a deal.  I bought a new power supply and put it in there and the computer still works fine.

In TVs and Computers, Americans want Chinese products.  Hard to believe isn’t it?  But it’s true!  When you don’t want to keep it for more than a few years, why not buy Chinese?

The Chinese company Asus is my favorite company.  They are the best computer parts company, in the world.  It has nothing to do with their products!! Asus understands the computer industry better than any other company in the world.  So Asus has always been there with their EeePCs and their motherboards to meet the demand that other companies weren’t providing.   Asus is building a very loyal customer base by having a better understanding of what people need and expect from their products. 

LG, is not so good.  Honestly, I would never buy an LG product.  It has nothing to do with the product..  LG doesn’t understand Americans.   The only Americans who buy LG products, buy LG products for business..  That’s it.  No American consumer will buy LG products, for the same reason that Americans don’t buy overpriced Sony Vaios.  We just don’t need the build quality when we’re only keeping it for a few years! We want newer and faster computers more than we want a computer that will last a long time and always be slow…

Jackie Chan, I think you are a great actor, but you know nothing about TVs and computers..  So please don’t say things without knowing something about TVs, ok???  Americans will buy Chinese TVs and we don’t care if they explode!!!

"Young people need to spend more time developing their own style" – Jackie Chan

Those are big words for somebody who started off by copying Bruce Lee..  Jackie Chan, you didn’t start developing your own style until after the first part of your career..  Yes, developing your own style eventually made you successful, but you had to start somewhere, right?  Everybody has to start somewhere.  Young people are people who are just starting..  So of course they’re not going to have their own style yet..  Jackie Chan, you should know this!! Have you forgotten those very first movies where you were copying Bruce Lee???   I know them!!! C’mon!!! If you’re going to say this, you should have said "OLD PEOPLE need to spend more time developing their own style"… Because when you were young, you copy people too!!!  Jackie Chan tells people not to do things that he has done?

Also, you just said that Chinese people need to be controlled because if they are not, they will do whatever they want to do!! How do you expect them to develop their own style when they are controlled?

Today is a day, where I lose a lot of respect for Jackie Chan…  Sad sad day…

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