Back To New York City in May!!!!

I’m going to New York City, AGAIN!!!
When the weather gets warm, I will go to New York City to see the empire state building and the statue of liberty..  I will also be going for the Japanese flower festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden..  Most likely, I will be sleeping and eating in Chinatown..
My boss will be returning from Europe next week and he has already said that everything went very well and that the company Icon PLS which has purchased the company that I work for (Prevalere) will be using the software that I have been working on in many locations around the world.  Since I am responsible for the maintenance of the software, I am the most familiar with it..  So when they want to deploy the software in a new location, they will probably fly me there so that I can help them prepare the databases for the deployment of the software.
These past few months have been crazy!! Instead of working for a tiny company, now it is just a small part of a much larger corporation..  With it brings lots of change and lots of new opportunities..  My boss thinks it is a very important for me to travel to wherever they need me.  Since it is a business trip, the company will pay for all the travel costs, hotel, accomodations, etc..  So I get to travel around the world for free..    But that is not all, they also pay me money to do it..  So things are looking very good for me..  Most likely, within 6 months or so, I will be sent to Ireland where the corporate headquarters is located as that will most likely be the first place they will want our software installed.
Itinerary for New York City trip in May ’09:
Visit top of the Empire State Building
Visit top of the Statue of Liberty
Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden Japanese Hanami Exhibit
Eat and Sleep in Chinatown (Holiday Inn SOHO New York City)
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