Chinese Restaurants

Well, I went to the new Chinese restaurant "Big Apple"  in Mohawk. It’s
right next to the Laundromat. The new Chinese restaurant is a gorgeous place
to eat dinner, but the food is definitely not as good as the Foo Chow
Chinese restaurant..

The "Big Apple" Chinese restaurant is about the same food as Main Moon. 
However, Big Apple restaurant is a lot smaller than Main Moon
restaurant..  The lady at Big Apple has baby pictures on the wall..  I am
starting to think that the first thing a Chinese couple does after getting
married is to open up a restaurant.  Foo Chow in Herkimer and the Chinese
restaurant in Cooperstown is the same way.  They are run entirely by a
Chinese couple and they have their little kids helping carry dishes. 

Main Moon in Ilion and East Dynasty in Utica however are very different..
Not sure why that is.  Main Moon and East Dynasty are staffed only by very
young (high school or college age) Chinese people..  It’s too bad the food
at Main Moon is not good..  Otherwise I would eat there more often…    I
could drive 5 minutes to Main Moon.. But instead I drive my car 15 minutes
to Foo Chow because the food is much better..

 The way I determine a good Chinese restaurant is:
If you order the exact same food two days in a row and get the same exact
same food, then that is a good restaurant.. 

When I order dumplings from Main Moon, I never know what I am going to get. 
Some days I order dumplings and they are oily and not fried well, and other
days I order dumplings and they are burnt black on the bottom…  If I order
the same thing everyday, I want to get the same food everyday…  So I
really do not like the Main Moon Chinese restaurant..

The Foo Chow Chinese restaurant in Herkimer is definitely the best Chinese
restaurant in the area.   Everyday that I order from them, the dumplings are
always just as delicious as the day before!! So nice!  Also, they package
the meals in Microwave Safe containers..  So I can warm them up easily! Also
Foo Chow knows how to package the food well. 

I have ordered food from Main Moon and Big Apple before and sometimes they
do not put the lid on tightly.. So then dumpling sauce leaks out of the
container and then soaks the paper bag and then soaks the seats in my
car..   It can make such a big mess!!  Really, not good!! 

Foo Chow is so great!!!! They put the food in the container, then they put
the container in a paper bag, and then they put the paper bag in a plastic
bag.  So I can be sure that when I take the food home that it does not
leak…  Also, they seal everything up well so that even the container does
not leak..  So that is so great!! 

Usually when I order Chinese food, I call the restaurant and tell them to
make it for me.. Then I drive down there and pick it up.. Then I take it
home and eat it there..  I don’t like to sit in a restaurant alone.

The only thing I do not like about Foo Chow is the parking! So difficult to
find a place to park my car.  Then I have to walk so far to get into the
restaurant….  Other than that, Foo Chow is the best Chinese restaurant
within 50 miles..

I also discovered something interesting a few weeks ago.  I thought "Golden
Dragon" was the name that "Foo Chow"  had before and they just changed their
name..  But actually, they are two restaurants run by the same Chinese
couple and they are in the same building and share the same seats!!!!  When
I call Golden Dragon’s phone number and order food from "Golden Dragon" the
Chinese couple prepares the food very differently..  The dumpling sauce from
Golden Dragon is very very thick.  So thick it is similar to ketchup or BBQ
sauce.. So it is a sauce that Americans know better..   It is made very
different from real Chinese dumpling sauce.  So the Chinese couple at "Foo
Chow" run two restaurants..  They run "Foo Chow" which serves very
traditional Chinese food and they run "Golden Dragon" which serves American
style Chinese food…  At Golden Dragon, you eat dumplings with your fingers
and dip them into thick heavy dumpling sauce..   At Foo Chow, you eat
dumplings with chopsticks and dip them in traditional Chinese dumpling sauce
which is very thin and light.

So I have two phone numbers, one number for Golden Dragon and one phone
number for Foo Chow.. But they are really different style of food, made by
the same Chinese couple. In the same building at the same location!!!  So
very clever!!  Some customers like Golden Dragon food better and some people
like the traditional Chinese Foo Chow food better..    I like the
traditional Chinese food better, so I always order from Foo Chow..  Running
two restaurants at the same time!! Such a smart Chinese couple!!  Also
because they are so good at cooking and packaging food, I like to go there
often.  I think they will be very rich..  Last week, I went to Foo Chow

Oh, cute story.    The first time I called Foo Chow many months ago, the
lady answered the phone..
So I gave her my order..
Then she asked me "Peak aa?"..  I didn’t understand what she means, so I
said "What?"…  So then she said "Going to peak aa?"..  So then I am
thinking,  I don’t know where Peak aa is, I have never been there before!! 
So I ask her… "Where is peak aa?" and then she thinks for a moment… Then
she says.. "Will you peak aa?" 
So I say slowly..  " I don’t know"..  So then she said "OK! Thank you.  15
minutes bye".. That part I understood.. The dumplings will be ready in 15
So I go there and then when I arrive, she asks me "eat here?"..  So then I
say "No".. So then she says "OK! Peak aa."  and then she goes back into the
kitchen and puts the food in boxes so I can take it home..  So then I
realized, she was trying to say "Pick up?"..  She just can not say it
properly! OMG! She is so cute!!!   Also the food at Foo Chow is so great!!!
So that is where I always go..  Every time I call Foo Chow, she asks me "Peak
aa?" and I say "Yes! I will Peak aa!"  So cute..

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