Monday January 26th: Chinese New Year


Wow~ Today was a great day!!!  My feet hurt..  That’s the only thing about today is that I have been walking around New York City so much.. Next time I come to New York City, I will remember to bring more comfortable shoes.. Walking around New York City for 30 hours in boots can be painful..  Other than that, it was really great.  I woke up early in the morning and I planned to walk down Grand Street all the way through to the East side of Chinatown.  There was a huge line of Chinese people waiting to get into this tiny little building.  I could not figure out what was going on.  I didn’t know if it would be a good idea for me to wait in line too.  So I walked around the block (the line went down one street, curved around the block, then went down another street, curved around the block again and was half way down the next street).  So yea, that is a long line of Chinese people!  Later in the day, I made friends with a Chinese girl and I asked her about it. She told me that it is a Buddhist prayer service and that there are so many Chinese people coming from all over New York City.  There will be people waiting all day long to get the prayer service. Wow~ Anyway, after I took a few photos of the line of people, I decided that I was not going to wait an hour to get a prayer.  So I continued towards the east side of Chinatown which is where there were going to be most of today’s events.  It was about an hour before the firecracker ceremony was to begin and already there was a big crowd of people gathering there.  So I decided to skip the exploring part of Eastern Chinatown and get a good place so I could get a good view of the firecracker ceremony and culture celebration.  That was a very good decision!! I got some great photos!!! Amazing photos!!!  While waiting for the show to start, I met a few nice old ladies.  They were American ladies who had been to Hong Kong before!!! They were in Hong Kong in the 1960s.  Such a long time ago!  I asked them about the long line of people near Grand street and they told me they didn’t know.  That is when a young Chinese lady came up from behind and answered my question.  So then I gave her another question.. Then another question.. And another question.. And another question..  And another question..  And another question.. And another question…   And usually, I ask very difficult complicated questions.. So she is trying to explain all these strange things to me.  Then the show starts.. The Chinese people in the back could not see well,  so they push forward…  I am in the front so the man behind me pushed me forward against the railing..  OMG.. Then little children from the back, they started squeezing into the front so they could see..   So for the entire show, I was pushed up against the young Chinese lady. Wow~~ Lucky!!!!
The same people who did the opera Saturday afternoon were also singing at the New Year Celebration
  I’m not sure what this is, some sort of gambling or luck machine? A lot of Chinese people were lining up waiting to play. Maybe they want to know how lucky they are?
Then more singing..
Oh! One of my favorite parts, such a cute dance. My fingers were so freezing cold that I could barely hold onto my Camera and she was out there dancing without a coat on!! So cold outside… I hope she didn’t get sick from being out in the cold weather without a coat..
 The lions left to go down the streets.  I am more interested in the songs and dance than following the lions around the streets.  Later in the evening after the cultural festival ended, I went shopping..  Then the lions came to me!!
  They stopped right outside the store that I was in and did their little lucky dance for the store and then moved on to the next store.   Chinatown is a big place!! Such a great day! Tomorrow, I return home….

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