Sunday January 25th: 1 Day Before New Year


Wow, what a busy day!! First thing in the morning, I took a Taxi straight to Brooklyn to watch more Chinese Opera and dances.  This was at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  Unlike the high school, there were a LOT of people who went to see the Opera this time.  The line was so long it wrapped around the entire Opera building and people were standing out at the garden!!  Really, I didn’t think the Brooklyn Opera was as good as the school opera, the costumes were better but the songs were not as good. I am glad that I had the opportunity to see both the Chinese Opera in Brooklyn and the Chinese Opera in Chinatown. Afterwards, there was a show about folklores of China, Korea, and India.  A lady explained the interesting stories.    I will remember the folk lore stories, they are famous stories about smart rabbits. 


Plants from Brookly Botanical Garden:
For dinner, I was walking down Mott Street looking for a place to buy dumplings.. Instead of dumplings, I found a Lion!!!
Wow~ So awesome…
Tomorrow is where things REALLY start to get interesting in the Chinese New Year celebrations.   Tomorrow night is also my last night here, so I hope it goes well! Good night!

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