Begin Again…

Received an interesting email today.
Another person so excited to know me.
Somebody I have never met before.
Somebody who wants me to teach them some English.
I already know how it will end.
Like a movie I have seen a hundred times.
No matter what I do, can’t change the ending.
Repeat the first part over and over.
Remember my first pen pals, Yuki and Natsuki.
Japanese girls who told me to study Chinese instead.
China will be strong. Would be better for me to know it!
I got so busy, no more time for Natsuki or Yuki.
Natsuki and Yuki are gone now.
Japan is the land of the rising sunrise.
The U.S.A. is the land of the falling sunset.
But my sunset never happens.
Just repeat the sunrise over and over.
But it is still so beautiful….
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