Weird Asia News…

"On June 22, 2008, 130 couples gathered in Linshanpi, Taipei, to be married in a mass beach wedding ceremony.The local government has been sponsoring large weddings since 1970, in a continued effort to keep couples from spending large amounts of money on individual ceremonies.  "   130 Couples Get Married at Once

Wow~ So surprised so many people are happy with such a simple wedding.. I think it would take a lot of the specialness out of the wedding when all the ceremony is not about one couple being married..  But I guess, it is convenient for people who don’t have enough money to have an expensive western style wedding. Especially since they are not western people.


"One man in China decide to save the money he would spend on a baby stroller and instead make one from various parts and pieces he could find for free. Sure it is not the most beautiful stroller and is doubtful to pass any safety inspections, but it gets the job done… and keeps the money in your pocket a little bit longer."  Baby Stroller Made In China

Hehe~ I like this guy, he made his own baby stroller.  I think it looks pretty good, but does not look very comfortable for the baby.  I wonder if the motherof the baby knows about this… The seat looks a little too small and does not give room for the rapid growth of a baby, so it will probably have to be rebuilt soon..  But it’s an interesting idea I think.  The wheels are definitely too small, makes it more difficult to go over uneven ground.


"Unlike most Americans, many Chinese still like to pay for things in cash. Whether it be some fear of banks or a simple desire to avoid being in any sort of debt, many Chinese, like the guy in this article, are even willing to purchase a vehicle with cash instead of getting a loan." The Feeling of Paying Cash for Your New Car: Priceless

OMG~ That’s a lot of money to be carrying around.  I can’t believe that the financial and credit system in China is still not developed enough that people still carry money around.   I usually buy things with my plastic Bank Debit card since it is so much faster than paying with dollar bills.  Also, since the plastic check card takes money from my checking account, I don’t have to worry about owing interest and paying it back.  I think carrying money around is very inconvenient.  When you don’t have the exact amount to pay for something, you have to give them more than enough for the item and then they give you back whatever you paid extra..  I like my little plastic bank check card, it is so much faster and convenient!! Also, the plastic card keeps my wallet from being thick and heavy with dollar bills.  


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