President Bush’s favorite olympic sport?

President Bush’s favorite olympic sport is Volleyball!

Photo is an embarassement to many American people. (Bush watches closely at American volleyball athletes as they prepare for an olympic match.)


I admit that I am not any better. I spend more time watching Chinese ladys in the background rather than the athletes, during the parade! I had the money and time to travel to Beijing and watch the Opening Ceremony, but I didn’t go. I just do not feel confident in my Chinese language skills yet, and that is a very big problem. Recently, I received a raise in pay, but I just don’t know what to do with so much money. I spend some of it on paintball, and I spend some of it in groceries for my parents and sisters, but most of it I just invest it. I am disappointed in myself, I often have opportunity, but never feel ready for it. Later, my heart sinks and I feel very sad and a little angry at myself because I didn’t forget worrying and go. I am going to push myself hard in Chinese Language studies so I have the confidence I need to visit China. I think the vacation would be much more enjoyable if I know the language.

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